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Whether you want professional installation or to install the permanent lighting yourself, we have a solution for you - regardless of your location.

Year round use

Make every day special, celebrate birthdays, holidays, sporting events, welcome homes and more!


Our lights are rated for any conditions rain snow or blazing heat


User friendly app control your system right from your phone. Set timers schedule holidays and more

Simple DIY Install

Our system is easy to install with training videos to assist you along the way.

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Phone number
+1 (435) 668-9050

Do It Yourself

Everything you need to install yourself

Our DIY packages contain everything you need to easily install our permanent lighting on your house. Here's what's included.

RGB LED Lights

You'll receive our water and weather proof lights so they have the capability to hold up to any weather conditions

Custom Track

Our track is customized specifically for the color and design of your home which makes it invisible during the day.

Data Controller

Gives you access to over 16 million different color options and patterns for your lights.

Power Converter

Makes your lights more energy efficient - saving you money.

Training Material

We'll provide you what all the training material to make installation a breeze.

Installation Support

If you get stuck during the installation, we'll be available 24/7 to provide help along the way.


More Information

Permanent lighting in Utah

Our lights are rated for up to 50,000 hours, they are water and weather proof so they have the capability to hold up to any weather conditions, Rain, snow, and the blazing heat.

Front of home pricing is $22/ft. If you include the sides of the home, we will do a 10% discount and for the whole home we give a 15% discount.

We offer a warranty package that covers all lights, power supply, and data controller. If any of these products malfunction during the first 5 years, we will send you replacements parts at no cost.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that's not listed here, feel free to contact us at

Can I do warm/soft white?
Yes with our Mobile app you have the ability to choose from 16 million colors.
Where are the controller and power supplies installed?
The attic for the most discrete look. On occasion they will be installed in the outside of the home.
How long do the lights last?
Our lights are rated for over 50k hours of use. Which is equivalent to leaving them on 24/7 for 7 years straight.
Are they dimmable?
Yes! You can control and brightness as well as the speed of your patterns and flashing!
Can I set timers and events?
You can schedule any holiday or event as well as connect your lights to Siri/Alexa to control your lights with your voice.
What are your warranties?
Contact us for warranty pricing.

Omg! We love these lights! We had an incredible experience with Pake, Ryan, and the St. George Lighting team. They were great to work with, they did quality work with quality materials, and they communicated the process really well to us and helped train us on the app and usage of these lights. All of our neighbors are jealous and we've had soooo many questions about the lights! Year round and permanent! So many color and pattern options for different holidays! Also, these guys are very reasonably priced compared to the way overpriced home automation companies in St. George. We really appreciate working with our family and Christmas budgets! Thanks for everything guys!

Josh Coffin